Don’t Complain – Find a Way To Fix It!

Sitting around and complaining about the woes of the world won't get you anywhere. The economy may be down, unemployment is at an all time high, there's an ecological disaster brewing in the Gulf...does any of this really keep you from being a successful lawyer?

Even so-called "disasters" that hit closer to home-changes to local legislation or new stricter bar rules on legal marketing-aren't things that should cause you to panic. You are a smart lawyer entrepreneur and entrepreneurs find ways to fix things when others simply complain about them.

Let's say all of a sudden the state bar announces they're going to start policing lawyer advertising for "false or misleading claims." The typical lawyer will gripe, rant, wring their hands; "It's going to be so hard to re-do our advertising, it'll cost so much money, what are we going to say in our ads now?"

Don't be like that; you're just going to frustrate yourself (and probably annoy your office). Instead, be proactive. You've been presented a problem, and entrepreneurs are at their best when solving problems in ways others never would dream of. A good lawyer entrepreneur will look at this new dilemma and think, "OK, so how can I convey ‘I'm the best lawyer' in my legal marketing without actually SAYING it?"

To really stand out among your nay-saying peers, don't just sit around and complain, do something! My article on staying positive when your peers aren't is full of information on how you can take advantage of a pessimistic world when others mope about. 

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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