It is easy to say that you want to be successful.  However, the desire to be successful is unlikely to result in success unless you have the right attitude.

What Is the Right Attitude About Success?

In order to really believe in your own success, it is not enough to believe that you are an excellent lawyer.  While your lawyering skills are certainly critical to your success, your entrepreneurial skills are also critical.  Thus, the right attitude about success includes:

  • Recognizing Yourself as an Entrepreneur.
  • Setting Goals.
  • Believing that Hard Work Can Result in Unlimited Opportunities and Success.
  • Understanding That You are Responsible for Your Own Success.

How Do I Get the Right Attitude for Legal Marketing Success?

For many lawyers, developing the right attitude for successful lawyer marketing is a process.  First, you should do some soul searching in order to understand if you are really committed to succeeding.  Next, you need to do some sharing.  Joining a mastermind group or think tank of like-minded small business owners can be critical to your success.

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