Remember that fun game of tag you enjoyed playing as a kid? All the other player had to do was tag you and you were “it.”

Could law firm taglines be the same way? Could you write a stellar law firm tagline and the reader becomes a new client?

The transition from website visitor to client may not be as instantaneous as the transition from runner to tagger, but it can happen. The visitor may read your tagline and think, “I need to know more about this attorney.” The tagline may grab his or her attention, in much the same way a tagger grabs the attention of the next tagger. However, instead of chasing other runners, the person whom you tagged with your attorney marketing tagline is going to chase down more information about your law firm.

For example, the person whose attention you grabbed may read your free book, watch your law firm marketing videos, read your practice area pages, or call you for a consultation about his or her potential case. That person may also refer his or her friends to you, should they have a need for a lawyer in your practice area, because your tagline stuck in his or her mind.

Want to Learn More about the Legal Marketing Game?

Of course, law firm taglines in and of themselves are not going to win you any new clients. If you are ready to learn how to develop a comprehensive lawyer marketing plan, please browse the free resources on our website and call our legal marketing consultants today at 703.591.9829.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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