Creating a law firm tagline that is both memorable and effective is harder than it seems. Since it is so important to the success of an attorney marketing campaign, however, it is essential that you devote time to consider carefully what will be most successful for your firm. The following is a list of ten tips that can help guide the process of choosing a tagline. 

  1. Tell potential clients exactly what they will receive by hiring your law firm.
  2. Be very specific; avoid broad phrases such as “committed to clients.”
  3. Differentiate your law firm from the rest of the legal market in a strategic manner. All firms, for example, would claim to be committed to clients or concerned about results. Avoid attorney taglines that make common statements like these. Instead, offer something unique.
  4. Set the tone for the relationship with the client.
  5. Utilize a legal tagline that acts as a platform for the rest of the legal marketing campaign.
  6. Consider what is most important to your potential clients and target that fact with your tagline.
  7. Highlight the qualities of your law firm that set you apart from your competition.
  8. Use a clever, eye-catching phrase or slogan.
  9. Do not use any tagline that makes a statement that could equally apply to your competitor.
  10. Make it memorable. The most effective taglines stay in the minds of potential and existing clients, increasing the likelihood that future business is generated as a result.

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