A well-crafted law firm tagline that does its job looks easy. How hard can it be to string a phrase together? The answer is surprisingly hard! It may not be difficult to write a mediocre law firm tagline but great law firm taglines require focus and work. Below are three things our experienced legal marketing consultants urge you to consider as you create your own great law firm tagline.

What Your Law Firm Tagline Needs to Have
In just a few words or a short sentence you need to:
  • Tell the truth. Of course, and above all, your tag line must be true.
  • Create a hook. Leave prospective clients wanting more. Create a hook that gets their attention and reels them into learning more about your law firm.
  • Send the right message about your law firm. Think about how the words that you choose reflect on your firm and about whether you are setting the right tone and sending the right message.
The reality is that it took many more words to describe how to write a law firm tagline than you have to use in your actual law firm tagline. It will likely take you several tries to get the words just right but when you do, your efforts will be well worth it.

How to Learn More About Law Firm Taglines
Want to learn more about creating fabulous law firm taglines and creating dynamic and effective law firm marketing content? Please browse the diverse resources on our legal marketing website and contact us directly at 703.591.9829.
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