What's In Store for You at the Great Legal Marketing Summit?

So, what's in store for you at the Great Legal Marketing Summit?  Here are a few of the topics that we discuss throughout the weekend:

  • How to develop that firm written business plan for practice development so that you can practice and grow and not go bankrupt trying to do it
  • How owners of top-performing law firms in the Great Legal Marketing world develop the mindset that allows them to grow their business while ignoring losers who will do everything in their power to make them feel badly about their successes
  • How one of Virginia's top DUI attorneys earns over six figures a year in referral fees alone from potential clients who rejects his "outrageous" fees
  • How to avoid the "hire from hell" who, if let loose in your firm, would not only cost you over $150,000 but expose you to a huge liability risk
  • We will reveal our "dirty little secret" to not only getting a steady stream of positive reviews on attorney rating sites but literally forcing your next potential client to go read them before picking up the phone to call you
  • How to develop a "simple little test" that your potential clients can use to "check out" your competition that will leave them running and screaming back to your front door, begging you to represent them
  • Do you think you need to be "hands-on" with every client?  Then you need to hear this surgeon describe how he turned a "good" practice into a monstrously profitable business without adding to his own surgical schedule (yes, some of the biggest secrets come from outside our industry - get over it)
  • How to tell if the folks ansswering your phone are killing 56% of every ad dollar you're spending; it happens every day and we can almost guarantee it is happening in your firm
  • Why, if you are a bankruptcy attorney, the next 24 months figure to be one of the most lucrative times for bankruptcy attorneys ever, even as filings in 2012 dropped dramatically, and many bankruptcy attorneys closed their practices
  • It seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry have now proclaimed themselves a "marketing coach".  What criteria should you use to select a leader to follow so that you do not find yourself in the exact same place, financially, 24 months from now
Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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