There are plenty of ways to keep track of the information you have on potential clients and leads for new business. Maintaining communication with previous clients, friends, family, and non-competing attorneys is essential to running a successful marketing campaign for law firms, too. Nevertheless, the days of the Rolodex and the little black book are gone.

Keeping up with competing law firms for the little business there is in your town can require a step toward the future. Many computer programs can keep track of your contacts, phonebook, and email addresses, but not all of them are made to handle the type of organization and manipulation that a good law firm should require of its database lists.

Here are a few things that a quality database should be able to do:

  • Automatically add information from people who fill out the contact section of your website. (Of course, your website should first have a section where people can give their contact information.)
  • Import contact information from other management tools like your cell phone, computer lists, and current client management software. 
  • Analyze the exact marketing strategy that brought the potential client to you (Yellow Pages, online ad, reference, etc). 
  • Easily and automatically respond to any inquiry so that it looks like a personalized response. 
  • Label and separate different contacts based on their relationship to you, such as potential client, vendor, or non-competing attorney.

Ben Glass offers a look into his personal usage of this type of this database software for marketing. His years of experience have given him the knowledge and know-how to help others improve their law firm marketing strategies. If you have more questions, contact Great Legal Marketing for more information and marketing tips. You can also order a free chapter from Ben Glass’s book online.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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