Are You the Highest Rated Attorney in Your Local Area? If Not, Here Is What You Need to Know.

You provide a good service, treat your clients well, and your clients leave your law office happy. However, no one will ever know that because you haven't developed a system for getting feedback from every single client that calls your law office.

As one of the highest reviewed attorneys in Virginia, Ben knows what getting good reviews means for his law firm. If you want to know how he does it, read some of our frequently asked questions below.

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  • I received a terrible review on a leading attorney review website. Is my practice ruined? What should I do?

    First on all, you should understand that getting a negative review is not the end of the world: no business has ever had 100 percent positive feedback, there are tons of nuts on the Internet, and most people understand that no attorney they find will be perfect. Still, there are several steps you can take in the wake of a bad online review.

    Before anything else, respond to the negative review if possible. You may have the options to respond both publicly and privately, and you may wish to do both. A thoughtful, earnest, and professional response can ease the worries of anyone who has read the negative review. A private email to the reviewer may end with the reviewer removing or rewriting the post.

    Next, ask your other clients and fans to write a review on the lawyer review website. The more positive reviews you have, the more suspect the negative review becomes. Make it easy for former clients and supporters to review your website by adding a review page onto your website as well as buttons that send users directly to the review page.

    Finally, try not to go overboard or get personally offended. It’s easy to brood over a negative review or to go all out and attempt to threaten or sue. These issues are not worth that much time, effort, and money. Read the review. Process the review for any useful criticism. Respond to the review. Move on with your life.

  • One of my past clients said that she read something negative about my firm online. I checked my website’s comments and my social networks, but I couldn’t find anything. What can I do?

    You’ve got ads online, in the phone book, and in a local circular—and of course, you’ve got an involved social media campaign to interact with past customers and anyone in their circles. But what about other places people are talking about you—places where you cannot control the content, or even be aware what is being said about you?

    Here are a few places you may not have considered people sharing information about you.

    • Forums. A forum “thread” may be started on any website, and allows users to exchange information. Although it is meant to be helpful, much of the information in forums is opinion rather than fact.
    • Business review sites. You have probably heard of the Better Business Bureau, but there are many other online business rating sites that are not as well-moderated.

    You should regularly do a web search of your own name and your firm’s name to make sure there is no outstanding “bad press.” If someone does leave a less-than-satisfied review, always contact him quickly to address the problem. If the conversation takes place on your website, leave the comments up once it is resolved; responding well to opposition shows your customers the strength of your character.

    Remember: the best marketing for lawyers is essentially a series of signs pointing people to your front door. What you write on those signs is important, but it’s equally important to know where to place them.