The Best Marketing For Lawyers is on the Internet

The best marketing for lawyers is on the Internet. More than three quarters of your new cases are likely to come from your law firm Internet marketing efforts. In order to get the cases that you want and attract the right kinds of clients, it is important to get your law firm to show up on the coveted first page of Google and to create a website designed to convert visitors into clients.

How to Get on the First Page of Google

Getting your law firm website to show up on the first page of Google is critical to your success. It doesn’t happen without hard work. In order to be the first law firm seen by your visitors, consider working with an experienced and successful law firm website developer to:

  • Optimize your key phrases. The “rules” for making keywords or key phrases are forever changing. An expert in law firm Internet marketing can help you stay up to date and create content that gets you noticed by the search engines.
  • Publish new content. A variety of content is best and your primary law firm website should include new content regularly including new articles, blog posts, frequently asked questions, news articles, images, videos, and documents such as court opinions, briefs, and your law firm newsletter. A law firm website developer can help you publish this content quickly.
  • Convert visitors into clients. An experienced legal marketer knows what clients are looking for and can help you write content in a way that makes visitors call your law firm.

How You Can Learn More About Best Marketing for Lawyers in Your Small Law Firm

A spot on the first page of Google results does not happen by accident. It is not about luck or magic. It is all about hard work. If you are ready to put forth the effort to create a small law firm marketing plan, then we encourage you to contact our legal marketing consultants today at 703.591.9829. You can also read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketingbook for more ideas that will turn your marketing efforts into money for your law firm.
Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.