Don’t Be Afraid to Change Things Up with Your Law Firm

When it comes to the legal world, it seems like every law firm and lawyer is just another face running the same game. Most law firms put out the exact same advertising and hope to earn their fair share of clients. If you throw enough darts at once, one has to hit the board eventually, right? But lawyers who put in twelve-hour workdays marketing their firm, answering phone calls, and doing research that may or may not help their case usually wonder if there’s a better way to do this legal thing. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to challenge the norms of the legal world.

There are some normal patterns that most law firms and lawyers follow as if they were as necessary as breathing air. These are some of the norms that should be reconsidered if a law firm wants to set itself apart, and live a healthier personal life:

  • Business cards get cases. It might be true, but giving your card to another lawyer for referrals means you’re going to get the cases they don’t want. And you won’t want them either.
  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers should invest their time and money. Why take all the risk yourself?
  • Be just a phone call away. Be accessible, but clients don’t need your personal cell phone number to call 24/7. You have a life too.
  • Exhaust all witnesses. That’s probably not necessary for every case. Be efficient.
  • Barrage possible clients! If they hear your ad enough, they’ll always hire you, right? Not necessarily, but keep your name out there.
  • The Yellow Pages. Some live and die by the phone book, but the best ad won’t get every client. But, it is true that no one will see an ad that doesn’t exist. 
  • Take all callers. You don’t have to take every client that walks through the door, fearing they’ll find your competitor immediately after.

Some clichés in law firm marketing are necessary to follow, but not everything in the old marketing rulebook still works. To be a successful law firm, it’s necessary to fit the mold sometimes and set yourself apart when it counts. For more advice on running a successful law firm marketing campaign, contact Ben Glass at Great Legal Marketing. You can order a free chapter from his book online.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.