Why Law Firm Taglines Must Work with the Rest of Your Content

Imagine a restaurant website that had a tagline inviting you to try its traditional menu with a twist. It might sound interesting. You might look at their menu online. Then you might be confused. The menu looks all traditional with no twist. You quickly click away and look for another place to eat.

While the restaurant may have had a great tagline that created the hook to draw you in, the content of the tagline was not supported by the other materials on the website. Accordingly, you lost interest and did not become a customer.

The same thing can happen to law firms. Law firm taglines should be the hook that draws in potential clients, but that hook must have something to grab onto. Your tagline must tell the truth about your law firm, and the rest of the content must not conflict with the tagline.

Is Your Legal Marketing Tagline the Right Tagline?

You do not need any fancy tools to analyze whether your tagline is the right one for your law firm. Instead, take a look at your existing tagline or your potential taglines. Then, read your home page and other pages of your website. Is the tagline consistent with the rest of your website? If not, then it is important to develop a new tagline that better reflects your business.

How to Find out More about Developing Great Law Firm Taglines and Other Marketing Ideas

Find out more about how to create the attorney marketing tagline that will help promote your law firm and help you achieve your marketing and professional goals by browsing the diverse (and FREE) resources available on our website.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.