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Website Creation and Internet Marketing: Foster Web Marketing

Foster Web Marketing connects attorneys to the clients they want through their proprietary marketing automation software, Dynamic Self Syndication™ (DSS™).  Foster Web Marketing offers a boutique service to ensure your website is not only fully responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile, as well as optimized for SEO, but they also provide lead-conversion elements and marketing education that will help you dominate the competition and create a sustainable marketing strategy. Foster Web Marketing provides a full spectrum of marketing services to make your law practice the best it can be.

It’s not enough to just have a website—attorneys need a website that will appear on the first page of Google, answer their prospective clients’ questions, and convert visitors into clients. Foster Web Marketing’s user-friendly websites are built with search engines and search engine users in mind. This is critical when connecting attorneys to the kind of clients they want. Your site must have the proper architecture in order to be crawled by search engines, must have the information your users are looking for, and it must drive the user to contact you! Foster Web Marketing websites take care of all the details for you, so you can focus on practicing law.

If you’re tired of duct-taping your marketing together, Foster Web Marketing’s proprietary marketing automation software, Dynamic Self Syndication™ (DSS™) is the solution. Not only does it allow you to add content, videos, offers, contact and order forms and SO much more, but it also functions as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. No need to use WordPress, Constant Contact, Blogger, and then add multiple plug-ins that will slow down or break your website; DSS™ is the all-in-one marketing solution. Foster Web Marketing’s software was created based on suggestions and requests from attorneys just like you! You also don’t need to worry about a mobile-friendly website. All of the sites we build are optimized for mobile, so people in your area can find you.

Want someone to take care of the marketing for you? No problem. Foster Web Marketing’s team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing Experts will work directly with you to make sure your marketing strategy is in line with your goals. The team does the work, and then your dedicated account manager meets with you once a month to review what’s been done, and what sort of results it’s providing. By communicating with you, they are able to zero in on the case types you prefer, and adjust their plan of action. These custom marketing plans ensure you are only paying for marketing that is actually working.

Tom Foster and his team designed and host this website and Ben's law firm website at BenGlassLaw.com. He has hundreds of attorney clients across the nation who dominate the web in their region and/or practice area. Tom's team is 100% "Made in the USA," and they all deliver top quality work to clients who are smart enough to avoid the internet scam artists that are waiting to steal your dollars.

Check out Tom's team and incredible free reports at the Foster Web Marketing site. While there, you can schedule a FREE WEB AUDIT of your own website and internet presence that Ben used at his own practice to redo his own internet marketing strategy.


Newsletter Pro and Great Legal Marketing Believe in Newsletters

We think you should too.

When you meet Shaun Buck and Newsletter Pro team, you are struck by how much importance they place on their customers. This sounds a little like Captain Obvious giving businesses 101 tips, but many businesses forget that their customers are the number one most important thing in their world. That is what makes Newsletter Pro different from any newsletter service out there... Customer Service.

We want our Great Legal Marketing members to LOVE their newsletter. We don't want people to just 'like' it. Liking something is what you do on Facebook, loving something is telling all your friends about how amazing the experience is and bragging to your competitors how good you have it. That is the kind of experience you get with Newsletter Pro and their team.

What You Get With Newsletter Pro

  • You Get Your Personal Newsletter Team

How do you start to put together a newsletter? You have to write the content, find and purchase the images, select the layout, design the text and images, proofread the writing... we're sure you get the idea. It is a ton of work, and that is the barrier a busy small business owner has in order to produce a content filled, interesting newsletter that will get your customers to remember you. With Newsletter Pro you will get an entire team dedicated to making your newsletter one that people will love and remember.

Your own team of people, creating a business generating newsletter that will pay for itself through client leads, referrals, and it will nurture your current client base. That is the power of having a team of newsletter professionals who can do all the hard work, and all you will see is the benefits.

  • Newsletter Pro understands how newsletters work

What do successful Great Legal Marketing members (including 2015 Marketer of the Year Tim Semelroth) have in common? They all print a monthly newsletter. A monthly newsletter is one of the most important marketing pieces you can have for your business. Ben Glass prints a monthly newsletter for his practice and every month there are responses from our tribe of followers. The responses we get only mean that the newsletter is working; people remember Ben's practice and recommend him to others.

Newsletter Pro understands the difference between a good newsletter and a great newsletter. They understand demographics and more importantly, they understand your demographic. They send out hundreds of thousands of newsletters a month, and they have the newsletter insider information that you wont get with any other newsletter program. They know what should be on your page 1, on the back, on page 4, and grow their understanding of newsletters each month.

  • They understand how to write in your voice

Shaun Buck and his team have not met you yet, but when they do they work to give your newsletter your personality. Each month, you will be interviewed by a professional writer for 15 minutes. That's it. Newsletter Pro are (pardon my pun) the pros at identifying your voice and conveying that in the writing, design, and layout of your newsletter.

The Golden Rule of newsletter marketing is the 60/40 rule. Your newsletter should be 40% business, and 60% personality. You want a newsletter program that understands this. Shaun Buck's team delivers a newsletter product that will help you connect with your clients and convey the image you want to project for your firm.

  • Newsletter Pro makes it easy

Putting together an amazing newsletter that does the job of nurturing your tribe of followers and getting new clients in the door is not an easy task, unless you are using the Newsletter Pro. The biggest pro to using Newsletter Pro is that they make it easy

What you want is a monthly newsletter that mails each month and that uses as little of your time as possible. Flip the newsletter light switch and watch your business grow.


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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.