Great Legal Marketing Review and Testimonals

Here are comments from some of our conference attendees

Well, my biggest marketing challenge is to get through our to-do-list.  We have a really long to-do-list and we never seem to be able to get through it but we figure we just prioritize and have a good time.This is my third Great Legal Marketing conference and I intend to come back again.  I certainly learned something new and valuable for my practice every time I come to one of these conferences.I met Ben Glass about five years ago when he first began Great Legal Marketing and there was nothing on this table, of the work that I’ve created that didn’t come from that relationship and the relationship with the incredible people that he attracts.:   

Ben Glass is the—he’s the head guru, he’s the man with the plan, I don’t know how he does everything that he does on a daily basis, with nine kids, thriving practice, multiple businesses on top of that and I guess he’s a pretty nice guy too.  It’s very cool, it’s a pleasure to know Ben and he’s really, really sharp and he helps a lot of people, you just got to pay attention.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.