Mark Anderson Says "Thank You, Ben Glass and Great Legal Marketing"



But this week has been a real eye-opener-for the good. By noon yesterday, I had already had six new files and I can directly attribute four of them to the new way of marketing I implemented after the conference.

• A motorcycle wreck (broken bones) was directly from a book order from about two weeks ago and he finally got around to coming in.

• Pepsi truck hit a lady's car and she had delayed getting a lawyer. Her passenger gave her my book and told her to call me. The funny thing is I don't know the passenger, have no idea how he got my book and he is actually being represented by a TV lawyer ( I guess he doesn't like that lawyer).

• A car accident case referred by former client-and I am confident the client would not remember my name if not for the newsletter (and I confirmed with the new client that my former client still lived at the same place-so I know he is getting my newsletter).

• A car accident case who got to me via AVVO. That is my first one from that site. And I had never heard of AVVO until the conference.

Just thought you might want an update from the front lines!! Thanks for the good ideas!

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