3 Signs Law Firm Taglines Aren’t Working and Need to be Changed

You created what you thought was the tagline for your law firm. You thought it was dynamic, you thought it was exciting, and you thought it was effective. In short, you thought it was one of the best law firm taglines you had ever seen.

You may have been wrong. Sometimes what works in our heads does not work in practice and a big part of effective law firm marketing is recognizing when to make a change. Do not stick with what isn’t working. Instead, be willing to admit that your law firm tagline (or any other aspect of your great legal marketing plan) needs to be tweaked and take action.

How Will You Know if Your Law Firm Tagline Needs to Be Changed?

It might be time to consider a change to your tagline if:

  • You can’t remember it word for word. Let’s face it….nobody cares about your law firm the way that you do. If you can’t remember your own tagline, then other people are also unlikely to remember it.
  • Your friend misinterpreted it. A friend, relative or colleague has you on the phone and says something like, “by the way that phrase about your law firm was funny” (or cute, or offensive, or anything else that you did not intend it to be). If someone you know and respect misinterprets the tagline, you can be sure that other people will also make the mistake.
  • Nobody has ever mentioned the tagline to you. You know it is out there. It is on your website, on your print advertisements, on your newsletters, and on your other advertising materials. Yet, nobody has mentioned it at all. Likely, they are keeping quiet because it is not catching their attention or they simply don’t like it.

Confused? Need Help Developing Great Law Firm Taglines?

You can learn more about how to create an effective law firm tagline by browsing the free resources on our website. If your small law firm is serious about making the changes necessary to create a great legal marketing plan then we also encourage you to contact a legal marketing consultant at 703.591.9829.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.