Marketing With Newsletters

Keeping in Contact with your Clients Through the Use of Newsletters

Benjamin W. Glass, III, (Fairfax, Virginia)

 Demographers, scientists who study population characteristics, warn that depending on where you are located, up to 35 percent of your client base will die or disappear within the next 12 months. Many will move away… some will die…and most will simply forget about you. Worse than forgetting about you, your more aggressive competitors will steal away another 5-15% of people who you have represented in the past. Marketing experts estimate that up to 50% of your total “past client and contact list” could be disappearing each year.

 If you think this seems ridiculous, stop and think about it for a moment. Look at your old client lists and ask yourself how many of them have ever contacted you again for another legal matter or even to refer someone to your firm. Most lawyers have only a vague system for repeatedly marketing back to old clients and others who have contacted their firm. When lawyers do get around to thinking about a firm newsletter, the first thing most do is to contact some newsletter company who is going to send them a “canned” newsletter that they will slap their firm name onto. This isn’t nearly good enough. Worse, sending a newsletter that is boring, as most “canned” newsletters are, actually turns people off.

Newsletters aren’t as hard to do as you may think. Back when I first started my solo practice, I knew that publishing a newsletter would be an important part of my marketing mix. I really didn’t have any idea how to get that done, so I spoke to a local print shop and then began writing all my own articles. I even took the time to research bulk mailing at the post office and learned how to get a discount when mailing the newsletters out.

I was smart enough to know, even back then, that having a mailing list was going to be very important. Today when I speak to young lawyers about attorney marketing, the very first thing I tell them to do, even if they have no money, is to start the mailing list. Ever since the beginning of my (then solo, now multi-lawyer) practice, we have kept our mailing list(s) on very simple programs, first MyMailList, but now we use InfusionSoft for everything. Software like this acts as the one place where we can dump every single name that we come in contact with.

I've been mailing out a solid newsletter for the past ten years now and it has been integral in generating referrals and business from my list. Newsletters are so effective that I think every single lawyer out there should be mailing one out every month. However, designing and writing newsletters can take up a good portion of your time and they can be a lot of work, not to mention very expensive. Wouldn't it be great if someone made your newsletter for you?

Luckily, Great Legal Marketing now offers Made-For-You Newsletters! How this works is that each month, my team will design and write your newsletter for you to review. You simply let my team know what changes you want, they will make them (if there are any!) and they will send you a proof. You approve the proof and my team will send them to my printer to be printed, labeled, and mailed. Again, it’s that easy. 

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.