What Else Happens at a Ben Glass Lawyer Marketing Conference?

It's another very cool thing to bring the smartest of the smart lawyers together in one room to show off what they are doing. You see, I run two marketing mastermind groups. These are lawyers paying me up to $18,000 a year to meet in person several times a year, share confidential information on a private listserve and basically try to outdo each other, month by month, with their results. Immediately before each conference I meet all day with my Mastermind I members, The day following the conference I meet all day with my Mastermind II members.

In between they are there, in the room, with you-easily identifiable-for you to pick their brains on breaks, at lunch and over dinner. And they are present all specialties. In our groups we have the "divorce for women only"; the "child injury lawyer;" the "bankruptcy specialist who is taking his practice nationwide:" the "auto products defect king;" and the "solo DUI attorney who quadrupled his income in about a year and a half master," just to name a few
Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.