Being the Best in Town is NOT a Marketing Advantage (and likely never was)

You see, I learned long ago that being the best lawyer in your town is not a marketing advantage. In fact, being the best lawyer in town is rather wasteful if you don't have the clients that you want. Sure, you may tell me you have 300 or 400 personal injury cases but in the next breath you'll also tell me that you hate 70% of those clients and you make your money off of about 20% of them.

Here's another thing: The public doesn't have a real good way of determining who is a great lawyer and who isn't. (Just ask yourself why the clown down the street gets more cases than you do and you know he couldn't hold a candle to your skills.) Great Legal Marketing members learn exactly how to teach consumers how to hire a lawyer, something your state bar absolutely refuses to do

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.