It's the Lawyer Marketing Book for the Rest of Us!

Attention Solo and Small Firm Attorneys Who Still Think That "Free Consultation" and "No Fee if No Recovery" or "We Do [Divorces/Bankruptcy/DUI Defense] at the Lowest Price" Are Good Enough To Get New Clients in an Increasingly Distrustful Marketplace

Finally...a Marketing Book for the Rest of Us (and I'm going to let you download a chapter free!)

Practical advice for battling the 800 pound gorilla spending millions on TV, fending off the Internet vultures who will gladly steal your money, and surviving the legal ethics theorists who hate lawyer advertising.

Everyone I talk to agrees that it is harder than ever to get new clients.

No, the answer is not "buy millions and millions of dollars of TV advertising".

While the TV advertisers race to outspend each other, Google seems to be changing its algorithms weekly, and the Pay-Per-Click thieves are ripping you off. Meanwhile, the "advertising ethics committees" are running seminars telling you all the things you can't do to stand out with your law firm marketing and your accountant wants to know how anyone could possibly spend so much money on marketing and not know what is working and what isn't.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

  • Interested in effective and ethical marketing strategies that will not only get you new cases but make you an icon in your community and a hero to your family without spending a boatload of money on the latest "shiny object"?
  • Want to know how hundreds of solo and small firm lawyers in all consumer practice areas are not only prospering in the toughest economy in our lifetime but having fun too?
  • Would you like to learn how to not only be found on the first page of Google but literally compel your next client to ask you to market to them in a very big way?

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Ben Glass
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