We Are The GLM Tribe Building 7-Figure Law Firms Without Sacrificing Our Personal Lives

GLM Tribe Members are the next evolution of law firm owners. Instead of wasting time, effort, and money on the expensive strategies used by the big firms...we focus on the foundations that work. We help you get this right first. 

Our members lead from the front in their communities and become the go-to icon in their market and practice area.

We don't accept the status quo in the profession, and certainly don't accept that the "big" firms are untouchable. We are the David to their Goliath - smarter, more agile, and more cunning - taking the best cases from under their noses.

We are the Law Heroes of the GLM Tribe.  

It's about time you joined us.

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Actual Results Achieved By Our Members

My year-to-date revenue went up 41% over the previous year.

Joel Beck
Estate Planning | Florida

My yearly revenue increased 60% while I am working less than ever before.

Wayne Holcomb
Family Law | Virginia

I take time off whenever I want; I never miss important school events; and am always home for family dinner.

Stacey Barrus
Personal Injury | Texas

I had that growth of $150,000 to over $500,000 in just one year and I know my first $1,000,000 year is right around the corner

Lee Berlin
Sex Crime Law | Oklahoma

Who We Are

GLM Tribe Member

  • ​Protects their time and gives it only to those who are qualified and have the traits of their absolute best clients.
  • ​​Leads with a trust-first approach that attracts the very best clients to them.
  • ​​Thinks like a business owner and enjoys the benefits of a practice that can run without them.
  • ​Is in full control of their schedule and does not bump their priorities at the desire of others.
  • ​Enjoys raving fan clients willing to give unsolicited testimonials about them.
  • ​Doesn't pretend to be everything to everyone and doubles down on their specialty.
  • ​Takes responsibility for marketing results and knows the return gained from each and every campaign.
  • ​Believes strongly that higher fees attract better clients.
  • ​Has built a flywheel of referrals that they never take for granted.
  • ​Is a Hero to their family and friends; spending time with them and giving them experiences others only dream about.
  • ​Are unafraid to succeed and go after success with a surefire knowing that they will achieve it despite any obstacle.

Other Law Firm Owners

  • ​Gives their time away to anyone and everyone that wants it, even when doing so drains their soul. 
  • ​Tries every tactic in the book to capture a quick lead instead of focusing on the highest quality.
  • ​Thinks like an employee within their business and frets about never being able to step away.
  • ​Has an absolutely chaotic schedule that is ruled by the whims and desires of others.
  • ​Has clients that come and go without ever saying a word about all the great things done for them.
  • ​Tries to be everything to everyone and feels exhausted because of it.
  • ​Doesn't know much of anything about marketing and "trusts" that their vendors are doing things right.
  • ​Will adjust fees to accommodate any client.​ 
  • ​Thinks that referrals will just happen and doesn't actively manage their referral processes.
  • ​Anguishes over the fact that they aren't with their family as much as they'd like to be.
  • ​Want to succeed in business and in life but never seem to progress to where they want because fear holds them back.

The GLM Mission

We're on a mission to create

10,000 Million Dollar Law Firms

While teaching owners how to live their best lives.

Join thousands of other law firm owners who are becoming heroes and icons in their communities and families as a part of our movement.

How GLM Helps Solo & Small Firm Lawyers

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