Charley Mann

Charley Mann

President and Lead Coach
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  • Great Legal Marketing, LLC
  • 3998 Fair Ridge Drive Ste 305 Fairfax, Virginia 22033
  • 703.543.9677

Charley Mann spreads the message of education-based direct response marketing to every attorney he meets. Why? Because he knows first-hand how effective it is moving a practice from stalled to successful. His knowledge comes from the in-the-trenches implementation of strategies from online content creation to direct mail construction to management practices. Charley owes this opportunity and position to the founder of Great Legal Marketing, Ben Glass, who to this day is Charley’s number one business mentor.

If you’re interested in the “story of Charley,” here’s the quick version: he is the son of a G-man and school teacher who had no exposure to the world of true “small business” until graduating from college. Fortunately, he found a job working for Ben that opened his eyes to the potential of helping solo and small firm attorneys become community leaders. (By the way, you do this every day by helping clients, providing jobs, and inspiring people.) Through a combination of hands-on, “thrown in the fire” experience in marketing and personally investing in information (books, online courses, audios, etc.), Charley developed the skills needed to help Ben grow his law firm, BenGlassLaw, and reach thousands of attorneys in need of help with practice marketing and development. Just like you, he entered this world knowing little to nothing, but he relentlessly pursued his goal of mastering marketing and never stops feeding his intellectual curiosity.

Today, Charley is married to his college sweetheart and has two fantastic daughters. They reside in Northern Virginia with a loyal hound dog to keep them all company.

Charley is a speaker, a writer, and a recognized expert in attorney marketing and practice development after helping hundreds of Great Legal Marketing members grow their practices through the many monthly benefits they enjoy and providing advice to many thousands more fans and friends of GLM via online seminars, articles, and videos!

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Favorite books: Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon; The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris; and Animal Farm by George Orwell

Favorite business books: Scaling Up by Verne Harnish; The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy; and Built to Sell by John Warrillow

What he does when he’s “off hours”: Going on adventures with his family, writing (lots of writing), reading, target shooting

Top speaking topics: How to Invade Your Market: Secrets to Outmaneuvering the “Gorillas” with Law Firm Marketing for Solo and Small Firms; Creating an Elite Marketing Director for Your Law Firm; and Engineering Your Super Squad: Better Hiring for a Better Team