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Joe Mann

Joe Mann

Partner Manager
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  • 3998 Fair Ridge Drive Ste 250 Fairfax, Virginia 22033
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As a legal industry insider Joe connects Great Legal Marketing members with the companies that make you money. BenGlassLaw and Great Legal Marketing constantly get pitched by companies who want a piece of the solo and small law firm pie (probably the same pitches you’ve gotten). Joe is a the point man for those pitches. He listens, he pokes, he prods, and ultimately figures out what a company could actually offer you and he makes a determination if it’s worth your money, your time, or your energy. Instead of ‘jumping on’ yet another call with a sales rep who is only there to do just that - sell you - you can have a go to resource to get the vetting done without all the hassle and nonsense of a forceful pitch.

After all..

...A bad company can cost you more than just a pile of money, it can cost your reputation, sometimes even your entire business. Getting a second opinion on your web vendor, your case management software, your CRM, your chat service, your virtual assistant, your designer, your SEO provider, etc.. is priceless. Why? Because being The Decision Maker is mentally demanding. And, other than the lucky 1% of us who can be ‘on’ 15 hours a day, the rest of us need a trusted partner to confer with.

Presumably you’re familiar with the Oracle of Omaha but you may not know that he doesn’t choose his stock portfolio alone. That’s right, even Warren Buffet has a partner to make decisions with, and that trusted partner is the less celebrated Charlie Munger. While Joe certainly won’t make a claim to be Charlie Munger is an expert in providing you a palate of trustworthy companies to evaluate and work with at your discretion.

Sometimes a quick introduction is all you need. Joe can do just that for you. Having the weight of a well respected company like Great Legal Marketing behind you can go a long way in ensuring you’re treated with the decency and respect that the solo and small firm ought to be afforded.

Prior to beginning his work with Great Legal Marketing in 2015, Joe worked in accounting for a property management company and subsequently worked in a management development program at a very large insurer.

Joe spends his time out of work:

  • Playing soccer (adult men’s league)
  • Weightlifting in his home gym (olympic lifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman)
  • Rock climbing (predominately indoors, top roping and bouldering)
  • Woodworking (basic hand tools)
  • Hunting (whitetail, compound bow, muzzleloader, shotgun, rifle)
  • Reading (nonfiction, history, biographies)