Kelly Wilkins

Kelly Wilkins

Director of Happiness
  • Great Legal Marketing, LLC
  • 3998 Fair Ridge Drive Ste 305 Fairfax, Virginia 22033
  • 703.543.9677

Kelly is a Lake Norman, NC native and former student-athlete at Brevard College. After COVID-19 caused her school to go virtual last year, she took a leap of faith with a desire for new adventures and moved up to Washington D.C. with her yellow lab, Olsen, to pursue a career and find her new home. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with minors in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Unsure of what career path she wanted to take, Kelly knew that she wanted to be doing something she could be proud of and to do it with people who took just as much pride in their work. Searching the web for that kind of job and culture within a company proved to be difficult until she stumbled across the job advertisement for Great Legal Marketing. Feeling the description was too good to be true, she researched our company and found herself giddy over the phenomenal reviews. Kelly stayed up until 3:00am writing her cover letter to submit, ensuring everything was perfect. Before her first interview, she turned down another job offer because she knew that the job with Great Legal Marketing was the one for her and she would put everything on the line to get it.

Kelly now uses her unique prior experiences as the Marketing and Event Director for Brevard College's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and former administrative jobs to aid her in learning all that we do here at Great Legal Marketing and what she can do to make anything better. She jumps at every opportunity to learn something new about the way we do things and the world around her - even if it is not necessarily in her wheelhouse. She wears many hats in her position, from developing Stand Operating Procedures for finance and billing, to developing and ensuring we have the workplace culture we desire, to helping our members with anything they have questions about. Kelly is quick to lend a helping hand and do what she can to assist our other team members.

Like all of us at Great Legal Marketing, Kelly has a passion for learning that never ceases. She is planning to begin working on earning her Masters's degree in the Fall of 2022. With a deep drive for learning and adventure, there is not much that gets in her way. If she doesn't know it, she will ask, research, and discover all that she can. Ke;;y has set a current goal of learning five languages before the age of 35, currently teaching herself french.

When Kelly is not in the office you can find her exploring Washington D.C. and old town Alexandria. She has set a goal to tour every Smithsonian, see every monument at sunrise and sunset, and try every restaurant food she can. Being a former athlete, lacrosse and soccer, she continues to enjoy working out and going for runs along the Potomac. In September of 2021, Kelly plans to run the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon & Navy 5-Miler.