We all know what it means to “focus” at work—when you're laboring on behalf of a particular client, you want to give that person, and the intricacies of his case, 100 percent of your attention and not be distracted by unimportant phone calls or emails.

When it comes to marketing your practice, though, “focus” has a slightly different meaning: it refers to the fact that you can't be all things to all potential clients, and you have to decide what it is you offer that sets you apart from every other person in your town with a law degree.

Focusing your law firm marketing efforts can produce extreme amounts of anxiety, because it means you can't accept every client who walks through your door. What you need to do is sit down and imagine the “ideal client” in your mind, as specifically and concretely as possible. “Someone who needs legal help” is completely useless; “someone who has suffered a personal injury” is slightly better (though still too vague to be of much use); and “someone who has been injured on a construction site and needs to obtain workers’ compensation” is the best of all. With that third “ideal client” in mind, you can craft an effectively targeted advertising and marketing campaign and grow your practice for the indefinite future.

It's not easy for any lawyer to give up on potential clients, even if those clients fall well outside his area of specialty. But by focusing your marketing efforts, you will ensure that your practice grows in a steady, predictable, healthy way, and isn't overly dependent on clients who pick your name out of a hat.

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