"Marketing 101"

Over the years that we have been doing the Great Legal Marketing conferences, we have learned that law firms that get the most accomplished and make the most "new" money in the next 6 to 12 months are those that show up and bring their marketing staff.  At the Great Legal Marketing Summit, the "Marketing 101" sessions are not actually designed for you so much as they are designed for the folks who work for you.

In fact, this year, some of the sessions will be led by some of the very top "marketing implementers" from my Great Legal Marketing mastermind group law firms.  There is simply far too much great information at our conference for any one person to take it all in.

In these "Marketing 101" sessions, law firm marketing directors and staff members will learn:

  • how to greatly expand your Internet footprint
  • why tracking your marketing is so important and exactly how to do it
  • what it takes for a marketing director to organize his or her job
  • why developing (and sticking to) a marketing calendar is so important
  • why goals are critical, and the best way to set them, move toward them, and then reset them
  • essential tools and strategies for effective marketing
  • how to make sure the phones are answered correctly so that your marketing efforts aren't wasted
  • what it takes to write effective, interesting, and compelling marketing copy; and the key elements that every direct mail letter and ad must have
  • how to manage your boss so that as their practice grows, you don't get lost in the shuffle

If you are a part of a more advanced marketing team with more experience, we will also have a "Building the Foundation for Superior Practice Management" session, where you can learn:

  • how to set and track goals for practice growth in the new economy
  • how to recruit, hire, train, and fire the right people so that as you come up with new ideas they are executed to your standards
  • how to set up your practice management for success in order that you spend your time only on the parts of your practice that you like doing the best
  • what a millionaire mindset approach to all of this is

In our most advanced session, attendees will learn:

  • high-level practice management - how to organize your practice and run it strictly by the numbers (and have your staff report those numbers to you every Friday at noon)
  • how to coach and manage your team of superstars using those numbers
  • how to transform the culture of your practice from an old-fashioned law firm to an entrepreneurial business that delivers an outstanding experience to your clients
  • advanced Internet marketing that will keep your Web properties (not just your website) positioned to be seen by your best prospects
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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