Choosing how to react to negative content posted online is as important as maintaining an effective law firm web marketing campaign. Unfortunately for law firms who are harmed by false or misleading statements made public on the Internet, reacting aggressively and with anger can often cause more harm than good. Instead, attorneys should consider engaging in a dilution campaign.
Why choose this strategy?
  1. Improves the goodwill of the law firm
  2. Having many positive reviews will overshadow one negative review
  3. Most potential clients will put less weight on a bad review when it is accompanied by many more positive reviews
  4. Many potential clients will only read a handful of the reviews for any particular product or service. Therefore, the more reviews, the more likely the negative review will not be read
  5. Less stressful for the attorney than engaging in a lawsuit
  6. Less hassle for the law firm than attempting to negotiate with the website owner to have the content removed
  7. Dilution campaigns cost nothing for the law firm
  8. Posting additional relevant content with appropriate key words will further the legal marketing strategy of becoming the go-to source for information on the Internet
  9. Posting additional, informative content will increase the law firm’s web presence
  10. Responding to a negative review or content with positivity is more likely to earn the respect of potential clients than engaging in an argument
A dilution campaign can be a very useful tool as part of a lawyer web marketing campaign. For more information, contact the attorney marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing at 703-591-9829.
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