The choices for setting up a website as part of your comprehensive great legal marketing plan may seem endless. While there are a lot of individual choices that you can make that may work well with your law firm marketing plan, there are two things that might be essential to the success of your law firm website marketing.

Two Things You Can’t Live Without

Regardless of your practice area or the specific decisions that you make about marketing, it is important to have:

  • A Content Management Tool. This tool should allow you to quickly and easily upload new written content, pictures, and videos, and it should allow you to edit existing pages without any specific computer or internet expertise. In today’s world, news breaks – and goes away – quickly. You don’t have weeks, or even days, to wait to see your content on your website.
  • A Program that Tracks Actual Keywords Used to Find You. These are the words, and topics that you want to integrate into your website. For example, are people searching about how to file a bankruptcy in Cook County, IL or how to recover damages after a Virginia Beach car accident? If they are (and of course, you are in that location and practice in that area of law) then you need to know about it so that you can tailor future content (or revise existing content) to be found more easily by the terms people are using to find you.

Want to Find out More about Great Legal Marketing for Your Firm?

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