There's a point in the lifecycle of every successful law firm in which the future of the business becomes clear.  

The point at which the firm becomes something more impactful, something more vital.  The point at which the dynamic changes from figuring out how to pay the bills and meet payroll to figuring out how to manage double and triple-digit growth.  The point at which the focus becomes dominating your competition instead of just fighting to keep pace with it.

While many firms (especially those in my GLM mastermind and coaching groups) already have made the jump to doing great things, others find themselves right on the cusp.  If you're ready to make the leap... make sure you join us at the 2013 Great Legal Marketing Summit on September 20-21 in Arlington, VA!

Jim Rohn famously said: "You are the average of five people you hang out with most."  I say you will want to be in a room of attorneys who "get it".  

The challenges that we have ahead of us as attorneys marketing in an increasingly complex environment are huge.  The challenges of finding other attorneys who "get it" and with whom you can talk marketing with at an advanced level is also difficult.  That is why we are looking for people with a great deal of ambition to attend our summit.

How do you become a successful lawyer?

Marketing is so much more difficult today than it was just seven years ago when Great Legal Marketing began and I spoke in front of a group of 23 lawyers in Fairfax at one of our first ever "conferences".  

The fact is, genuine success doesn't happen by accident and you can't hope to just be "lucky" and build a great firm.  Sure, you might have a great month or even a great quarter with a little luck, but sustained success has to be earned and cultivated.  You have to plan for it.  You have to expect it.  You have to develop a blueprint and stick to it.  You have to will it to happen.

The 2013 Great Legal Marketing Summit is for the very serious and ambitious who know that they deserve more out of their practice ut recognize that just "deserving" something and thinking it will happen is, well, a loser's mentality.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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