3 Reasons Video is Necessary to Your Attorney Marketing Plan

Are you on the fence about whether or not to include video on your attorney marketing website? If so, then this blog post is a must-read. It explains why video is essential to a successful and complex lawyer marketing plan.

Whether you have an established law firm website or are starting a new one, video is important to your law firm marketing because:

  • Clients Want It. People who are thinking of hiring you want video. They want to hear your voice, judge your demeanor, and evaluate your expertise before calling to set up a consultation with you. They want to feel like they know you and that they will be comfortable before they meet with you so that they do not waste their time.
  • It is Cost Effective. You pay once for the cost of making your video regardless of how many people watch it. Your potential viewing audience is unlimited.
  • It May Improve Your Google Ranking. A video may not only get your name included in Google’s video search result, but it is likely to improve the overall ranking of your page. Of course, that first page of Google remains important because searchers (also known as prospective clients) are likely to click on the first websites they find for their search terms.

For more, including information about video on your website, please browse the FREE resources available on our website and contact us at 703.591.9829 when you are serious about developing a strong legal marketing plan.

Ben Glass
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