You’ve bitten the bullet and created your own lawyer marketing blog. You are seeing returns on your investment of time and you are ready to go further and reach new heights with your attorney marketing strategies. It is time you considered writing a book to supplement the success of your blog.

Here’s Why Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy Should Include a Book

There are three primary reasons why your legal marketing strategy should include a book that you author. Those reasons include:

  • Establishing Credibility or Trust. Authoring a book makes people believe that you know what you are talking about you. They think that you are a credible source and lawyer they can trust.
  • Proving Your Skill or Expertise. Only people with something to say (should) write books. It is a good way for you, as a lawyer, to showcase your skills and expertise.
  • Leaving Them Something to Remember You By. Prospective clients who may not be ready to hire an attorney yet will have your book. When they do decide that they need a lawyer, they may pick up your book and contact you for more information. Likewise, former clients who have your book may pick it up the next time they have a legal issue in your area of specialty and call you.

Learn More about Writing an Effective Book

To learn more about effective small law firm marketing strategies and more specifically about how to write a book and a lawyer marketing blog we encourage you to read our Great Legal Marketing book and to call us directly at 703.591.9829.

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