As you read our blog posts or watch our videos, you will see many ideas for law firm marketing. The vast majority have to do with promoting your law firm by providing useful information to potential clients. While providing useful legal information and being seen as an expert in your field is an important part of your lawyer marketing, so too is making potential clients trust you and feel comfortable enough to call your law firm.
A Personal Website Can Help You Accomplish Your Law Firm Marketing Goals
A personal website can help you establish yourself as:
  • Real. Many potential clients will like seeing you as a real person with a family and interests beyond the practice of law. They may feel that they connect with you because of similarities.
  • Trustworthy. When you promote yourself as a real person and not just a lawyer then prospective clients may trust you more.
  • Easy to Talk To. Potential clients may have an easier time picking up the phone to call you when they see that you are a real, compassionate, and trustworthy person as opposed to just a lawyer they know nothing about.
Find Out More Legal Marketing Tips
Creating a personal website may not be the most obvious attorney marketing strategy, but it is an important one. To learn more important outside-the-box lawyer marketing ideas, please read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book and call us directly at 703.591.9829.
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