Let's face it. Many lawyers aren't quick to change. Whether you are new to the profession or nearing retirement, you've been taught to conduct business in a certain way, and you're afraid that if you change your policies your clients may not be happy.

Do Not Be Afraid

Above all, your clients want you to be successful and efficient. While they may have to wait a little longer for a return phone call, they will understand that when you manage your time well and focus on one case at one time it improves your efficiency. For clients, your efficiency may mean:

  • They Spend Less Money. If you bill by the hour, more efficiency means you may spend less time on a case (and be able to take more cases).
  • They Recover More Money. You may achieve better results and make more money on your contingency fee cases.
  • They Are Confident That You Did Your Best. Your clients will understand that they are important to you and that they had your undivided and uncompromised attention while you were working on their matter.


Learn How to Be More Efficient by Managing Your Time and Lawyer Marketing Efforts


The way you market a law firm may be critical to your ultimate efficiency. Successful attorney marketing campaigns will attract the kind of cases you want. If those cases are lucrative, then you may be able to take fewer cases overall and devote more time to each individual case and client.


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