3 Things to Consider About Your Client Testimonials

Getting a glowing recommendation about your law firm and how great of a lawyer you are goes a long way in boosting your ego. It also goes a long way with building trust among potential clients.

Client testimonials are powerful legal marketing tools that help your prospects make that final decision to hire your law firm.  There are very few things as effective as raving reviews from past clients.

As you prepare to ask your clients to provide testimonials, you need to consider a few things:
  1. The testimonials need to be detailed. A generic testimonial is better than none at all, but it won’t be as beneficial as one that is more detailed. When you ask your clients to provide their opinions of your firm or their experience, make sure they provide as much information as possible. A testimonial that simply reads: “This law firm is awesome,” doesn’t provide a lot of insight for potential clients. Plus, it looks made up.
  2. Don’t fake it. People can generally spot “pretend” testimonials. Not only are they unethical, but also they can work against you.
  3. Get more than one or two testimonials. If you claim to have represented hundreds of clients over the years, but only have two testimonials on your website, what type of impression are you giving? Think about it. If you were in your prospect’s shoes, wouldn’t you question the capability of the law firm, as well as its customer service skills? Make sure you get multiple testimonials.

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