What kind of news do clients and prospective clients want to hear about your law firm? Can news be used as part of your law firm marketing strategy? Learn the answers to these important questions in this blog post.
News to Share With Your Online Readers
The following types of news stories can play an important part in your attorney marketing strategy:
  • News of Big Settlements or Important Verdicts. Your clients will enjoy reading about your successes on behalf of other clients.
  • News of Changes in Management, Location, or Services Provided. Maybe someone didn’t come to see you because your location was inconvenient or you didn’t provide a service they needed. News of expansion and positive changes may be well received.
  • News of Involvement in Charitable Projects or Community Events. Clients like to see lawyers giving back and especially like to see lawyers involved in events or projects important to them.
Remember, people are not going to know what is going on with your law firm unless you tell them. Therefore, if you have interesting news to share, don’t be shy about writing your own press release.
Need More Law Firm Marketing Tips?
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