In today's competitive economy, the importance of an active follow up campaign in a law firm's overall legal marketing strategy is higher than ever. For the prudent attorney, follow up is essential, not optional. Below is a list of four reasons why following up can mean the difference in whether a lawyer marketing campaign is successful.


1. Clients do not always make immediate decisions about hiring an attorney. It can take several weeks or months before a client makes a decision as to who to hire. Proactive follow up keeps the law firm fresh in the mind of the potential client during that crucial period.


2. Clients in need of legal services often have outside issues on their mind. The potential client may be distracted by medical care, expenses, and insurance claims at the same time as he is interviewing law firms. Stress and other emotions may be high. Consistent follow up helps ensure that the attorney is not forgotten about.


3. There are numerous options for clients when choosing a law firm to handle their case. Today's consumer has its choice among countless intelligent and successful attorneys to represent them. Following up regularly not only helps the lawyer stand out, it also is a form of good customer service.


4. Staying on the radar screen of a potential client may lead to work in the future that the client is not aware of needing in the present. Even if the client does not hire the law firm for a particular matter, consistent follow up may lead to future opportunities down the road.


Just as the law and internet go hand in hand, consistent follow up is essential to a successful legal marketing strategy. For more information, contact Great Legal Marketing at our office at 703-591-9829.

Ben Glass
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