Viral marketing, where information is passed between individuals spontaneously, has long been recognized as a valuable legal marketing tool. Companies in many industries have attempted to capitalize on this natural phenomenon. Little analysis is required, however, to understand how word-of-mouth advertising passes between individuals on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. It occurs simply as a result of a client receiving good service or learning something valuable from a law firm, and then naturally choosing to share that information with friends, colleagues, and family. Marketing professional Mischelle Davis refers to this form of advertising as “viReal”. The following is a list of five benefits of this valuable form of legal advertising:

  1. People promote the law firm’s materials or services in their own language, without the influence of marketing experts or copyrighters.
  2. When others read the postings about your law firm, they are hearing it from an already trusted source.
  3. Exchanges between people on social networking sites are perceived as more honest than those drafted by a company or other party with an outside interest.
  4. Research has proven that candid feedback from an individual within a potential client’s social network is more trusted than online reviews posted by people who do not know each other.
  5. More and more people opt to post messages on Facebook or Twitter looking for recommendations rather than conducting and online search.

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