Mention the phrase “celebrity marketing” to the average lawyer, and you'll probably get this reaction: “I can't afford to hire a celebrity to promote my firm! And even if I did have the money, my state bar association wouldn't allow it!”

The fact is, though, that celebrity marketing doesn't involve handing out wads of cash to movie stars or NBA power forwards; the point is to turn yourself into the celebrity, not offload that function to another person.

What does it mean to be a celebrity lawyer? Your ultimate goal is to be the first—indeed, the only—attorney on people's minds when they think of hiring a lawyer. You also want to be the first name on the “go to” list of local TV stations and newspapers, so when they need a live comment about a developing story, your name is the one that finds its way into print or onto the airwaves. Your goal is to be ubiquitous and unavoidable, not so much that people consider you a pest, but just enough that they have no choice but to weigh your name when thinking about hiring representation.

It's not easy to turn yourself into a celebrity lawyer, and it's not something that can happen overnight. You need to lay the groundwork by launching multiple web sites, writing blogs and articles, and issuing press releases to let the general public (and the media) know what you're up to. Once you've achieved celebrity status, though, you may be surprised to discover that it becomes a self-perpetuating process—once you're a celebrity, it's very hard to disappear off the map completely!

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