A Legal Marketing Lesson from a Jewelry Ad

A while ago I saw an advertisement in The Washington Post that really caught my eye (and sparked this blog). The first thing that struck me was the MontBlanc logo sitting next to an image of a necklace. If you're not familiar with MontBlanc, it's a high-end fountain pen company and not really known for jewelry. Now that the ad's images caught my attention, I read the text:

"MontBlanc Profile Collection. New double chain with pendant and rings with unique rotating system and a smooth, shiny surface or with resin inlay. Crafted in finest rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver symbolizing pureness and unpretentious elegance. Matching bracelet and creoles also available."  

Wow. Now there are some words I'm sure 80% of the readers of The Washington Post have never heard before. "Rhodium-plated" and "creoles" just aren't in the average person's vocabulary. There's a reason for that - MontBlanc isn't looking to sell to the average person. The average person can't afford the price their product demands.

MontBlanc's advertisement is geared toward the affluent individuals who can afford luxury brands and goods such as theirs. Apparently, MontBlanc consumers would be swayed by terms like "resin inlay" and "pureness and unpretentious elegance" and they know what a creole is in the context of jewelry (from what I can tell, it's another term for earring).

Your legal marketing needs to take into account who you're talking to when developing your advertising language. When you write your content, remember that your words are speaking to a client's needs, and you need to write at their levels. I'm not just concerned with intellectual level, but also appealing to their emotional level.

My article on the language of your legal marketing goes more into how your message can be conveyed properly just through the use of the right tone and language. How you say something may be just as important as the message being sent. 

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