A Local Mastermind Group Benefits Everyone

Narrow-minded lawyers like to horde their ideas, thinking that if they share their next greatest legal marketing endeavor, it'll lose its effectiveness. The truth is, your next venture isn't going to be very secret once you start it.

People who refuse to share their good ideas are those who aren't confident in their success. If you've got a great method to do something, the best way to prove it is by having the confidence to share it with others. Don't worry about your competitors learning your "secrets" because you are a unique lawyer. You are not a commodity. All lawyers are not the same, and your ideal client will know this.

A good friend of mine once said "a rising tide lifts all ships" meaning that when you can inspire the entire Mastermind Group, everyone benefits. Even if you're inspiring other lawyers who may be in similar practice areas, you're smart enough to know that straight copying won't do you any good. You'll take ideas you gain from others and tweak them to suit your needs and goals.

Helping inspire other businesses in your area also helps promote the overall prosperity of the community. The more successful the community economy is overall, the more your law firm can benefit. If you're a business law attorney more businesses may be moving into the area in need of incorporation help, legal documents, and other services you provide. A thriving economical area lends itself to more families moving in, perfect for family law and personal injury attorneys whose business thrives on large population needs.

Just setting up a group of professionals isn't enough to run an effective Mastermind Group. For more information, read my article explaining the purpose and benefits of organizing your own legal Marketing Group, as well as how to get started.

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