A Surefire Way to Get People to Skip Over Your Website

Attorneys love to talk about where they went to school and the awards that they have received.  We enjoy telling people how many years we have been practicing law and our success rate.  However, there is a time and place for that type of discussion and let me tell you – it isn’t in the first few paragraphs of your website content.

Many law firms make the major mistake of talking too much about themselves.  They mention their combined years of experience (“we have 1,000 years of combined experience!”), but people don’t really care.  Your prospects can care less that you went to Harvard or Yale or whatever school.  All they want to know is that you can help them.

What is great about lawyer marketing on the Internet is that it doesn’t take a lot to be different.  All you have to do is create content that addresses the concerns that your prospects have.

You know what people are thinking about after an accident.  You are aware of the common concerns of an impending divorce.  This is the type of thing you need to focus on with your website content.  Create headlines, compelling text and free offers that are wrapped around the problems that your potential clients are facing. 

On the other hand, if you want people to skip over your website – only write about you.

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