There are countless lawyers out there, especially in major cities, all competing with each other for the same market. And it seems like they all got together and designed their law firm advertisements together, with almost every ad on the Internet and in the Yellow Pages looking fairly similar. The question then becomes how to stand above the others while attracting the best possible clients.

One way to stand above competing law firms is to change the focus of your advertising campaign. How well can you sell yourself in a few dozen words or a few square inches of ink on awkward yellow paper? Can you really explain how good you are or the quality of your services? Can any law firm do that with such limited face time in advertising? It would be hard to do if you’re taking the same approach as every other legal advertiser.

The main idea behind changing the focus of an ad campaign is that if you know you can sell yourself with a few words, don’t try it. Don’t just make an ad that fits with the others and hope the potential clients pick you. Make the change and stand out. Ben Glass of Great Legal Marketing suggests giving away information through a book, informational packet, or DVD. Give the people a reason to reach out to you, and you’ll have them on your side.

The no-pressure approach of giving away information and letting potential clients make the first move will let them feel more a part of the process. The relationship will grow stronger when there is interaction and reciprocation.

If you have more questions about how to run a successful law firm marketing campaign, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing by calling 888-791-2150 toll-free. There are plenty of resources on the website, and you can order a free chapter from the Great Legal Marketing book. 

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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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