As the managing or senior partner of your law firm, you need to know that your support staff is correctly handling incoming calls from potential clients who dial your toll-free number. After all, there's no second chance to make a first impression, and if a call is handled badly that person will simply move on to the next law firm on his list.

One tried-and-true way to monitor incoming calls is to install video or audio surveillance software. With this system in place, you can watch your employees handle calls in real time, or go back later and review the day's footage. If an employee's “script” is a bit off, you can train him how to handle calls better—and if one of your staffers excels at dealing with difficult calls, you can arrange to have this person available for phone inquiries.

One thing you must do, however, is tell your employees up front that you are installing a monitoring system. Not only is this an ethical issue—no one likes to be spied on, even by the person who's signing their paychecks—but in many states it's also a legal one. If you are constantly watching your employees, they have a legal and moral right to know in advance—and, needless to say, the knowledge that they're being monitored will also make sure they're on their best behavior!

It's never an easy decision for an office manager to put his staff under surveillance—but it's even worse to bungle calls from potential clients and eventually go out of business.

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