You were told from the day you graduated from aw school that this business would be tough. Say goodbye to your nights, people chuckled, shaking their heads. After years of studying, you were ready to believe them—and you’ve been working late and getting up early ever since.

That is, until now.

It may shock you to hear that there is no written rule that says a successful attorney cannot have a life. Despite what you were told at graduation, having a healthy work-life balance doesn’t make you a bad lawyer—in fact, it may even make you a better lawyer.

Think about it. When you’re under pressure, are you:

  • More creative? Do you come up with innovative ways to solve problems, or do you just slogging through the same cases day in and day out, counting the days until your next vacation?
  • More focused? Are you able to work on each individual case amid piles and piles of files on your desk with the phone ringing? Or do you find yourself taking work home every night where it’s quiet to get your best work done?
  • Happier? Happiness is not a minor consideration in your life; it can greatly affect how you work and the clients you attract. Maintaining your health, fitness and personal relationships affect your sanity and satisfaction with life in general, allowing you to serve your clients more effectively.

If you see a problem, there is a fairly simple solution: change the way you do business. First, make up your mind what you want, and then change your actions and behaviors to achieve it. Our best marketing for lawyers can give you even more free time by helping you get the most out of your advertising campaign. Call 888-791-2150 today or click the link above to download a free sample chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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