An Interview Summary Checklist is Great!

How'd you like to accomplish two goals with one sheet of paper? You can make sure your client interviews are being properly conducted AND boost your legal marketing with a summary checklist! Here's how...

Create a summary checklist of important topics that must be covered in a client consultation. This includes the standards such as disclosure of fees, discussion of legal needs, but should also go into specifics such as the estimation process for damages and explaining the unique matters of their case. Even if you're conducting the consultations yourself, you may gloss over important information or neglect to discuss a critical part of their case.  

As you or your staff conducts the interview, instruct the client to mark off each topic as it is covered. At the conclusion, make them a copy of the summary checklist to take with them and discuss each item briefly, especially if it was not initially covered. This accomplishes a very important goal in your legal marketing - it shows your client that you take their case seriously, even before you've been hired!

When you send this summary checklist home with your client they'll have a reminder not only of what was discussed in the actual consultation, but also of all the things you'll do for them. Knowing that your law firm is dedicated to making sure their clients are well informed through the entire case process is a sign of a reliable attorney.

The summary checklist is a great tool for secret shopping your own law firm to ensure that your response to clients is running as effectively as it should. My article on the purpose of secret shopping your practice gives more information on why it's important to make sure your legal marketing systems are working properly. 

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