Your law firm support team—the people who answer your phones, respond to web forms, and field walk-in first contacts for your firm—have a lot more to do with the success and longevity of your small law firm then you might be giving them credit for.

Chances are, at the front lines for your practice, they’ve probably learned a thing or two about your prospects: who they are, what they want, and the range of issues that can make a challenge of converting a call into a client. Because of that, your support staff can be an invaluable marketing resource, and you might want to consider inviting them to participate in the process of developing a new attorney marketing strategy.

Letting your support staff in on the conversation, from either the ground up or shortly after you’ve processed some new attorney marketing strategies from seminars or conferences, can offer a number of benefits. Consider this:
  • Understanding the mission of your firm and helping to build a marketing plan will cultivate a greater sense of investment.
  • Working out the details of a new marketing campaign is a unique form of in-depth training. Before, team members dealt with first contacts in accordance with their training; this could offer a deeper understanding of the reasons for that response.
  • Your support team might have some extremely important insights about the current image of your firm from their interactions with prospects and existing clients.

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