The average lawyer might consider himself lucky if he actually signs up half of the potential clients who walk through his office door (or email him, or call him on the phone).

In fact, though, a 50 percent conversion rate is dismal; in order to grow your practice, you have to seal the deal with at least 85 percent of potential clients. This isn't only because you need the business and the cash flow; it's also because a client who doesn't sign on the bottom line was probably disappointed with you in some vague way, and he will convey that disappointment to friends who ask him to recommend a lawyer.

For example, let's say a potential client reached you on the phone at an inopportune moment, when you were buried in paperwork and trying to meet a deadline for another client. There's nothing wrong with saying, politely, “I'm not available to consult now; when is a good time for me to call you back?” But if you insist on talking to that person then and there, afraid that he might go on to the next lawyer on his list, and you convey your distraction over the phone, he will conclude that you can't walk and chew gum at the same time, and will be unable to provide the level of representation he wants. Worse, he will probably trash-talk you to the attorney he does wind up signing with, and friends who ask him how his lawyer search is going will hear all about your presumed inadequacies.

At Great Legal Marketing, we know that it's one thing to attract the interest of a potential client, and another thing entirely to sign him up. Want to learn more? Contact our legal marketing consultants at 888-791-2150 for a free assessment of how we can help you widen your law firm’s appeal!

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