Analyzing the Right Timing for Your Radio Commercial

Figuring out when your radio commercials are most effective can be a very time-consuming task. It's going to involve a lot of questioning of new clients on when/where they heard your ad. The easiest way to track your responses to your lawyer marketing is to watch your call and email volume and Web traffic when you know your radio commercials are airing.

But if you list your main website or office phone number on your radio ad, how can you tell if the traffic is coming from your radio commercial or another source? The truth is; you can't. In order to successfully track your responses, you'll need to direct listeners to a landing page specifically set up for only your radio ads or a 1-800 number used solely for this purpose.

If you are noticing that your radio commercials aren't bringing in the traffic you had hoped for, it's time to switch things around a bit. Try a different time block, increase the frequency of your ads, test different days, or perhaps change your message, but make sure you're only changing ONE thing at a time. If you change too much at once you may be fixing things that aren't broken.

Effective lawyer advertising with radio commercials is a tricky thing that involves a lot of patience, but the direct response payoff can be great. My article on creating effective radio ads touches a lot more on the nuances of radio commercials and how they can work for you. 

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