Another Legal Marketing Lesson from the Super Bowl: Interact with Your Prospects

We’re on the countdown to the Super Bowl, but advertisers have been preparing for months. There are many lessons you can learn from these companies that are willing to spend millions on a 30-second spot. One of these lessons includes interacting with your prospects.

It has already been rumored that BMW of North America will be among the many advertisers attempting to engage their target audience. The high-end auto manufacturer has created an interactive game termed, "The X3 Matchup." The game will supposedly be linked to one of its ads during Super Bowl. One of the game prizes will be a chance to drive a new X3 for two years.

According to Trudy Hardy, manager of BMW marketing communications and consumer events, the Matchup game came about because they wanted to reward their loyal Facebook friends and give them an opportunity to engage with BMW.

How can you implement this strategy into your legal marketing campaign?
You might not have millions of dollars to spend on advertising, but that doesn’t mean your legal marketing campaign can’t be a success. Follow the footsteps of BMW and other mega companies, by engaging your potential clients. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites, it is easy to connect with your target market. All you need is a little time and creativity.

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