The Internet has given a platform for people to share their opinions and to provide their thoughts.  It has given a “voice” to people who otherwise wouldn’t be heard.  On the same hand, it has allowed individuals to post defamatory messages about lawyers.  You need to have a group of raving fans who are ready to step in if someone posts something negative about you online.  They will be your first line of defense, if needed.

In the past, lawyers’ mentality was to sue people who talked bad about them.  “We’ll send them a cease and desist letter and file a defamation claim!”  Things have changed.

If you find out that someone was unhappy with your services and has written a negative remark about you, you can put your raving fan base to work.  The people who appreciate you will step in on your behalf.  Don’t be afraid to ask them, “if you have a different opinion than this person, can you post it?”  This technique is a powerful one.

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