Appropriate Interaction With Social Networking

One of the major points of social networking is to socialize with your fellow users. Having a profile on Facebook or Twitter is useless if all you do is talk about yourself, or even worse - set it up and never use it again. It's frustrating to find someone's social networking profile and see that all they did was create it without adding any content.

When making the most of your social networking profile you need to remember that the point is to socialize and network-ongoing communication is key
. Many companies like to use Facebook as an unofficial market research tool, posing questions to fans and asking for customer opinions on new ideas.

While you don't have a product to really sell, you do have knowledge. Use your social networking profiles to promote the education of your clients (and show off your knowledge of legal matters), or have some fun with them. Pose questions to invite discussion, and not just about legal issues. Ask your followers what their favorite vacation destination is; show that you care about life outside the office.

You should engage in discussion with your clients as often as possible to keep the "social" in your social networking. Don't let comments on your profiles left by your visitors go unanswered (this goes for blogs, too). Knowing appropriate use of social networking for lawyers is critical to yet another successful legal marketing presence on the Internet. 

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